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Christopher’s performing venues range from private parties to corporate sales meetings, but also include country clubs, fairs and festivals, weddings, yacht clubs, schools, church benefits and many other events at which there is no honoree to be feted or roasted.  In these cases, the programs described below are what Christopher typically recommends.

Christopher & Co. LIVE and CELEBRITY SQUARESSM, in particular, have been extremely successful and popular at the country fairs throughout California & Nevada at which Christopher has performed since 1986.

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What do you get when you combine the multi-faceted skills of Rich Little with the comedic speed of Robin Williams and the political satire of Mark Russell? CHRISTOPHER & CO. LIVE!

Lt. Columbo kicks-off the act, ambling in from the back of the audience, mumbling incoherent queries, observations, and asides. Once finding his way upon the stage, he apologetically cues the act’s musical open, which introduces the audience to the concept that Christopher will offer rapid-fire impersonations on request.

The body of the act incorporates audience requests from the list of over 150 celebrity voices in a fast-paced exhibition of improvised repartee.

TIME: 30-45 minutes


Hosting a USO show?  Celebrating a 1940s or WWII theme? Christopher offers a scripted stage exhibition of celebrity voices and routines of the1940s during the Golden Age of Radio, including: Gary Owens, Benny & Rochester, Frank Nelson, Mel Blanc, Burns & Allen, Bing & Satchmo, Bergan & McCarthy, and W.C. Fields…optional: concluded by a game of “You Bet Your Life” with Groucho Marx (Game Shows) with live contestants drawn from your audience.

TIME: 20-60 minutes


In the days of “Olde”, a young man would serenade his lady fair from below her balcony in the moonlight. In vaudeville, minstrels crooned songs of love in blackface. In America today, lounge-style pop singers articulate, accentuate, and advocate supposedly socially-redemptive messages and causes within and between their love songs. They are the singers of ballads…they are BALLADEERS.

Christopher presents a concert of greatest hits, performed by the stars who made them famous. Less a tribute than a spoof, BALLADEERS includes the famous old tunes with new lyrics designed to elicit laughs, not tears. Represented are Bing, Frank, Elvis, Neil…and many others.

TIME: 30 minutes OR HOURLY

Game shows have been a staple of American broadcasting from the beginning. All sorts of formats have been devised, from the straight-forward question and answer style of Groucho Marx’s “You Bet Your Life”, to the athletic competition of “American Gladiators”.

1970’s television featured a star-studded game called “Hollywood Squares”, in which a giant Tic-Tac-Toe match was played between two contestants, incorporating trivia questions, live celebrity guests, and extravagant prizes.

CELEBRITY SQUARES is the exactly the same, except for the prizes…and, of course, the celebrities are really just Christopher.

WATCH A VIDEO of this act on You Tube at: http://youtu.be/uM-gagHEyrU

TIME: 45-60 minutes

A hush falls on the crowd of excited reporters as the official hurriedly steps up to the podium and clears his throat into the microphones. The PRESS CONFERENCE has begun.

No one knows what sorts of questions will be asked. There is more left to chance, however, since the man at the microphone also has no idea about exactly who will be answering the questions. It could be any one of 150 different politicians, actors, and other miscellaneous celebrities to be found on Christopher’s list.

The people shouting from the crowd are not only in control of the questions to be answered, but the individuals to be questioned, as well.

TIME: 30-45 minutes




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