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Whether you are having a weekly department meeting for 12 people, or a company dinner for 300, Christopher’s programs for company parties include two types of entertainment perfectly suited to any situation: fully-costumed celebrity impersonations, and celebrity voices on request. Programs of both types are described in detail below.

If you’re planning a corporate national or international sales meeting for 100 or 1000 account executives, factory reps, or distributors, please visit Christopher’s Corporate Comedy page…you might also be interested in visiting the Game Shows page for more ideas.

If you’re hosting a private party for fewer than 50 people in your home and will be paying on-site with cash or a personal check and don’t need a receipt for tax purposes, check out the Private Parties Page.

Looking for a celebrity guest to interrupt the office monotony, or lighten up your next meeting, seminar, or campany banquet?  Try a CELEBRITY IMPERSONATION.

Perhaps a police investigation would be just the thing to “surprise” your loyal staff…Lt. Columbo, Inspector Clouseau, Sgt. Joe Friday, Chief Ironside, and Sheriff Buford T. Justice are all available. Maybe your boss will be the unwilling recipient of a professional sales pitch delivered by Rodney Dangerfield, Groucho Marx, Johnny Carson, or Arnold Schwarzenegger. And if your assistant is aching for a new opportunity for advancement, Giants’ “Closer” Brian “The Beard Wilson”, The Church Lady, Raymond Burr, Robin Leach, or even Rush Limbaugh may provide the perfect job.

Based on information you’ve provided about your firm, (for a specific honoree, use my handy QUESTIONNAIRE), I should be able to suggest two or three different storylines that would be good, and two or three different celebrities that would be appropriate for each storyline.

TIME: 10-30 minutes

The boss is having a birthday, and nobody in the office knew beforehand. Or, perhaps, the sales crew would too quickly forget the celebrity guest-speaker you’ve invited. A CELEBRITY IMPERSONATION would be great, but you want a long-lasting reminder of the affair. So how do we etch the event in their memories?

Whatever the occasion, a STARGRAMSM Singing Telegram is a sure-fire way to ensure that your message will be remembered! Just as with a CELEBRITY IMPERSONATION, you give me information about your group (or a specific honoree using my handy Questionnaire), and I’ll suggest two or three storylines that would be good, and two or three different celebrities that would be good in each storyline.

But with a STARGRAMSM Singing Telegram you get more! The performance will be concluded by a song written all about the storyline, complete with printed lyrics for you and all concerned.

TIME: 10 – 30 minutes

It’s 7:30 a.m. Monday, and as you drown the memories of another lost weekend in a five gallon cup of hot, black coffee, your sales manager is again haranguing you all about her perception of what your figures should have been during the last quarter…

It’s 2:30 p.m. Friday, the afternoon of the annual company retreat, and, as usual, just as the boss is finishing his dissertation on the state of the bottom line, the sandman decides it’s time to sprinkle the dust in your eyes…

It’s 10:30 p.m. Saturday, and the annual company dinner is being culminated by the annual company skit during which the annual company inebriate makes an embarrassment of himself…

CHRISTOPHER & CO. LIVE will inject some life into these otherwise hopeless scenarios. A “routine investigation” by Lt. Columbo kicks off this fast-paced, contemporary improv-comedy showcase of Christopher’s 200 celebrity voices, incorporating information about your firm, as well as audience requests.

TIME: 30 – 45 minutes

Combine Christopher & Co. LIVE with a STARGRAMSM Singing Telegram and what do you get? You get the fabulously entertaining “Life of the Party”SM Package!

Sometimes 30 or 45 minutes is just not enough of CHRISTOPHER’S entertainment (sometimes it is). With another 15 or 20 minutes, you can do more than just scratch the surface of the 150 celebrity voices CHRISTOPHER offers (death can occur after 90 minutes). Repeat customers asking for “MORE!!” (believe it or not) suggested this program. In addition to Lt. Columbo, and audience requests, this program also includes a STARGRAMSM Singing Telegram as a conclusion (which is usually the best part).

Give me two or three interesting facts about as few as 1 or as many as 30 or so of your staff members, and I’ll write a song that will carve their contributions (or lack thereof) to the firm’s bottom line into the granate slate of company history for time immemorial.  That’ll fix ’em!

TIME: 45 – 75 minutes




Let Christopher serve as your

Awards Ceremony Host or MC


Christopher will preside over your awards presentation with the dignity and respect those being honored truly deserve, yet with enough humor to allow those in the audience to really enjoy themselves.

SERVICE AWARDS: Based upon such achievements as sales goals and seniority, service awards are an important element of most annual company dinners.  But if your dinner each year seems harder to swallow, call on Christopher to inject some life into the proceedings.  With information about your honorees and your firm, Christopher will honor your outstanding employees…with a smile.

DOOR PRIZES: If your company dinner is not designed to honor any employees in particular, or you’re planning on augmenting your service awards with a drawing or prize game, let Christopher handle the prize giveaway, and stand back for the laughs.  From his list of 150 celebrity voices he’ll take requests from the crowd, and different celebrities will announce and describe each prize.  It’s fast-paced and funny, and you and your employees will have a ball!

MASTER OF CEREMONIES: Perhaps you don’t have honors to bestow or prizes to award or games to play…perhaps you just have a laundry list of speakers and announcements, and you need a classy, dignified, humorous person to facilitate the program and hold the attention of the audience…rely on a professional: use Christopher as your MC.

TIME: hourly rate with a minimum charge



Christopher’s Dinner Party Performance Package

If you’re planning a corporate dinner and would like some top-drawer entertainment, combine two of Christopher’s most popular entertainment programs at a reduced rate…



WALKAROUND Celebrity Impersonations

During your cocktail hour, Christopher will do casual WALKAROUND impersonations of one or two celebrities. Imagine Senator Bob Dole strolling through, followed by President Bill Clinton; or Rodney Dangerfield followed by The Church Lady; or Groucho Marx followed by Cheech Marin; or Captain Kirk followed by Kermit the Frog! It’s interactive, one-on-one fun! (60-90 minutes)


The “Life of the Party”SM Package

After everyone is seated and the main course has been served, Lt. Columbo begins the Christopher & Co. LIVE act, entering on a “routine investigation”, and then begins a short song which introduces the audience to Christopher’s rapid-fire impressions. He then passes out his list of 200 celebrity voices and Christopher takes requests, improvising humor based upon information you’ve given him about your firm and your staff. Finally, he concludes with a STARGRAMsm Singing Telegram written about it all!  (30-60 minutes)



TOTAL TIME: not to exceed 4 hours on-site





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